PreSearch Decentralized Search Engine That Rewards You To Use It

I know this video packs a lot into an hour, but I've tried to cover all the bases.

In this video I cover soup to nuts, the PreSearch decentralized search engine project. Based on Pre tokens on the ERC71 Ethereum Blockchain, this is one of the first of its kind and I am TOTALLY behind this project now.

As of right now, there are three ways to earn Pre tokens as rewards in the project. Two of them are totally free to implement and one requires staking of the tokens.

I talked about a lot of links and references throughout the video and wanted to try and list them all below to help you get started.

Okay, here goes...

Presearch Project Website:

Register For PreSearch For Free and Get 25 Pre Tokens:

Purchase A VPS To Run A Search Node From RackNerd:

Visit The Telegram Group For Presearch Nodes:

Visit My Team Build Telegram Group To Ask Questions:

Associated Videos From ModoTech
Interview with the CEO of PreSearch:
How to run a search node on Raspberry Pi 4:

As a reminder, As of 10/8/21, the minimum amount to stake in Pre tokens to run a search node and get rewarded will be 2,000 rather than 1,000 tokens.

Have fun with this project people!

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